The Importance of Good Website Design


Before I begin this article, I want you to know that website design doesn’t refer to graphics alone. Though graphics provide a professional look to a website; yet, there are other ingredients. Like an umbrella, website design covers a wide range of tasks, all involved in creating a website. It involves the color combination, layout, user-interface, quality and arrangement of contents, navigation, images, sounds, and videos, font sizes, and colors, as well as the responsive design (mobile and PC compatibility).

The major problem with a lot of businesses is their websites. As an internet user, how will you feel when you wait for a few seconds or even minutes for a webpage to load? Frankly speaking, I will get angry and leave the website immediately. Thus, for your business to flourish, your website needs to have the above-mentioned attributes.

This is why we recommend that your website design should be carried out by professionals. The difficulty in the process of web design has made it extremely difficult for a novice to carry out. A professional will use his/her programming skills to work on the user-interface, responsive design, layout etc of your website. They know the best languages (HTML, CSS, Java, XML, MySQL, SSL) to use for your website. Also, their experience in the job will make provide an insight on how to go about any type of website without wasting time.

How important is your website design? Is it really affecting my business? Read on!

  1. Visitor’s Satisfaction

Customers always seek the easiest route possible to anything online. A website without a decent layout and user-interface will only make visitors leave the site and never return again. Website owners ought to know how stiff competition is online; it takes nothing from a visitor to go back to search engines just to get what they want. A well-designed website will always satisfy visitors in all aspects, this way you make them happy to revisit and in turn, convert them into potential buyers.

  1. Online Reputation

Once visitors get instant results while browsing on your website, they refer their friends to come and enjoy what they are enjoying. Irregular contents and design make a website load very slow, hence reducing the search engine ranking. And you’d agree with me that a site with low search engine ranking tends to have fewer visitors.

  1. Your Shopping Cycle

The shopping cycle is a key aspect of any online business. Without it your customers won’t be able to quickly and easily navigate through your products and services. More so, adding products to their shopping carts as well as making payment might prove difficult for them. A well-planned website should have a navigation that is quick and easy to ensure that customers shop conveniently. If you fail to provide these, they will look for somewhere else to go.

In summary, the importance of website design shouldn’t be ignored. It is the bedrock of a successful business online. Many businesses have crumbled because they fail to take note of this. Make amends today and see your business grow!